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Our training equipment guarrantee you safety and realistic Krav Maga Training . You may need some of this equipmnent for quicker progression and more realistic training.

Krav Maga Groin Guard. This is a mandatory equipment and we'll give this for FREE with every induction package. Krav Fighter Heavy Duty Groin Protection made from rexine leather for quality finish .

Very strong inside panel with double foam for extra groin protection. Back strong velcro for easy fit. 

Specially designed for Krav Kaga training where kick to the groin is performed very often.


 Combat Tested Forearm Protectors keep your forearms BRUISE FREE while blocking knife attacks. Due it's thick padding this product is also used by Krav Maga practitioners across the Europe to block kicks, punches and while working with sticks. Essential kit for dealing with 360 knife defences !


 We are proud to introduce New Krav Maga Shin Guards designed for Krav Maga Sparrings and General Krav Maga Training. This Krav Maga Shin Pads are made from shock absorbing padding that guarantee safety in training. Extra padding in the middle of the Krav Maga Shin Pads is made for good bone protection. Shin Guards have 2 strong velcro straps at the back and they are well designed to prevent turning around during Krav Maga Trainings . 


Combat Tested Krav Maga MMA style Training gloves with a perfect balance of comfort and functionality. The most exquisite full grain Cow hide Leather and filled with  padding for heavy duty shock absorption to take the most grueling hits. It provides the same shock dispersing capabilities as a 12 oz. boxing glove, but has enough room to be able to incorporate your grappling and weapons control.  These gloves are also for striking pads + light sparring 


 Krav Fighter has designed this Combat Tested  soft and tough boxing gloves for practicing your punches and Krav Maga sparrings? Krav Fighter Combat Tested Boxing Training Gloves that are made from synthetic leather. These boxing gloves have two layers of sandwich foam that provide the maximum shock absorption. The front and back of the wrist are completely padded in these synthetic leather boxing gloves to ensure the utmost protection.
Needed for Contact Combat Classes


TOP OF THE RANGE  synthetic leather WARRIOR KRAV MAGA HEAD GUARD  has a full face metal bars design which provides the greatest protection whilst allowing great visibility and comfort for the user. Extra thick padding all over the headguard for hard sparrings and intensive training.The head guard is also equipped with a top of the head cover with extra strong protection which gives the maximum safety during training with sticks and sparring. The padding on the head guard makes it suitable for all types of users including beginners to the advanced trainer. Needed for Contact Combat Classes


 This hoodie is a TOP Quality model from our new Krav Fighter line . Made of 300gsm 100% cotton to keep you warm after your training. Due to his modern design can be also use as a casual wear. Added breathable material on the sides to keep you ventilated. Top Quality Embroidery Printing : on the left upper chest Krav Fighter LOGO , at the back KRAV MAGA + Graphics , on the sleeve : SO THAT ONE MAY WALK IN PEACE .


What if you need some extra space?
Simply convert the Backpack into the Duffel Bag and you can store even more gear than before. Just unclip the shoulder straps, stow them in the pocket, unzip the bottom, extend and attach the carry strap and you now have a large Duffel bag. Great for the athlete who needs to carry a lot of equipment.
• As a Backpack the bag is 520mm long x 470mm wide x 300mm deep.

As the Duffel Bag it measures up at 780mm long x 470mm wide x 300mm deep.


 Regular IDF Training vest as used by Israeli Defence Forces for Krav Maga Training has been designed to give great protection for reality training. This vest is made from very strong material and very good padding for maximum chest , ribs, back and shoulders protection. You can enjoy LIGHT CONTACT Krav Maga training as Israeli Soldiers do during their Krav Maga routine. Great for Krav Maga Sparrings by Using Combat Tested 16oz Boxing Gloves and Regular Training.
Needed for Contact Combat Classes


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