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Krav Maga for Military - H2H Military Combat System
Krav Maga Military Training

Krav Maga Midlands provides Hand To Hand Combat Military Training designed for military personel. We are proud to say that we teach on regular basis 1st Mercian Regiment.

Bartosz Zukowski Training 1st Mercian Regiment in Military Krav Maga

Krav Maga for military differs from our civilian version which we teach on our regular classes. Krav Maga Military curriculum covers :

  • unarmed hand to hand combat

  • armed H2H combat (knife/pistol/rifle)

  • working under stresful conditions

  • restaining of the opponent if not possible to shot

  • takedowns and eliminating the opponent quietly

  • pistol disarms

  • long rifle fisarms

  • quick reactions when your firearm is not working and attacker is approaching fast

  • working in teams


Due to the fact that we also have firearms instructors in our team we can provide comprehensive firearms training (pistol and rifle)

We also offer tactical training in our training facility in Poland for small units including FX Simunition Training in our CQB Village "Mogadishu"

Krav Maga Midlands Firearms Training Facility

If your unit is interested in Krav Maga Military Training please contact us on or give us a call on 07830676646

Krav Maga Urban Extreme

Krav Maga urban Extreme Course
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