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Krav Maga Ground Fighting Workshop

Krav Maga Ground Fighting Workshop 18th February Sunday 2018

We are extremely happy to announce our new "Groundfighting" seminar.
 It will explore different stages and positions you might find yourself in; either in the clinch or on the ground. 
You'll have better understanding of different positions on the ground such as full guard, half guard, side control and mount.
Not to be missed! It's a great supplement to your Krav Maga Tool Box.

Workshop is run by BJJ Brown Belt and UK MMA Fighter.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Venue :


32-42 East Street

18th February 2018 Start 11.00am . Finish 2.00pm

Training is strickly barefoot or in wrestling shoes. Please bring with you water and towel.
Car park is available in front of the venue, but it may be very busy on Sunday, so please allow extra time to find a parking space and be ready at 11.00.

Krav Maga Midlands Ground Workshop

Cost of Ground Workshop is £34.99

Please book your place using PayPal button below.

THERE IS ONLY 30 PLACES due to Venue size.