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Night Park Scenarios 8 Don't go there

NIGHT PARK SCENARIOS 8 "Don't go there!"

20th July 2018 Stratford upon Avon START 19.00

Welcome to NIGHT PARK SCENARIOS 8 "Don't go there!"

Night Park Scenarios 8 Don't Go There Krav Maga Park Seminar UK

Krav Maga Midlands Seminar  - This year we'll have a close look into the problem of being robbed by one or more attackers. We'll emphasize realism of the situation and it's dynamics working on correct timing, correct decision, tactical behaviour as well as strong proper respond to an armed attacker.

The event is open to everybody who wants to improve their decision making skills under stress in a real environment .

On the Day you'll learn :

- how to de-escalate conflict
- how to deal with the most common street attacks and grabs
- how to use the environment in your favour
- how to deal with unarmed muggers
- how to deal with armed and multiple muggers
- we'll cover pistol, stick and knife threats
- we'll talk about 3dr party protection

On top of that :

- the seminar will be run by Bartosz Zukowski Expert level 2 Krav Maga Instructor 
- you'll learn how to use artificial light and natural environment to your favor
- you'll be tested under pressure against unknown attacks and put alone in the dark
- you'll meet a great bunch of Krav Maga students
- we'll go to the pub afterwards to discuss the workshop


This is an UNIQUE WORKSHOP you won't find similar one anywhere else in the UK.
We run it for the fifth time due to high students demand.

Everybody who wants to extend their knowledge about personal safety should attend it.

Open to beginners also.

Watch the video from last year :

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1. Sent us an email to to register.(click on the email address)
2. Write on the email subject "Night Park Scenarios"
3. Put your FULL name and surname in the email and tell us which location do you train in.
4. Any changes and cancellations are only accepted for up to 14 days before the event. This means if you register and won't come you won't be able to change your registration to other seminar/workshop if you are entitled to only one per year.
5. Registration closes on 15th July 2018


If you are not training with Krav Maga Midlands you can still register for this unique workshop.
This workshop is OPEN for everybody over 18.

Price for it is £34.99 and you can book it using PayPal button below.


Places are limited due to the quality of the training.

Book it today to secure your place.

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