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Students Success Story - Mark Broadhurst

As a kid, I was a bit of a weed, always being the last one to get picked for football games on the council estate where I grew up. I was picked on because I was not the tallest or strongest kid on the estate and bullied and picked on at school.

When I left school, I joined the Army and I was subjected to more bullying and abuse. Looking back, I wish that I had known then what I am capable of doing now in self-defence, taught to me by an expert in Krav Maga. Bartosz. He showed me how to defend myself to the point that I fear for the welfare of anyone that thinks I’m a push over now.

At the age of 47 years old I decided to see how tough I was so my wife found Krav Maga Midlands a self- defence class held in Leamington Spa that teaches defence and attack techniques along with defending against knife, gun and stick threats and even multiple attackers. Having thought about joining for a year I decided it was worth doing as I also wanted my daughter to join and if her dad could not do it how could I expect her to join, so I contacted Krav Maga Midlands. 

I had just got back from my holiday and was unfit and over weight as I walked from the car park to meet Bartosz the Krav Maga instructor, he was not as scary as I thought I talked with him for about ten minutes he allowed me to sit in the class and watch to see if it was something I would like to try. I felt a bit out of place at first but soon realised everyone was so friendly and helpful so I could now relax a little and enjoy the training session. I stayed right until the end to make sure I did not miss a thing. Afterward I spoke with Bartosz again and said it was something I would like to try so he arranged for my induction to see if I liked it enough to join.

The following week I turned up at class ready to give it a go after a brief chat and the warm up I knew straightaway that this was for me, I felt like I had actually found something that I might be good at and if I give it my all I might even make a grade or two.  On the first lesson, I felt sick because I pushed a little too hard but that’s me. As time went by and within six months I became fitter and stronger. I am now 50 years old and have been trying my best to train two sometimes even three times a week and I am about to take my fifth grading in Krav Maga P5.

I am still as keen as I was the first day I joined the Krav Maga family and I have made some real special warrior friends along the way. I feel my life has had a positively changed in so many ways by doing this.  It has made me able to deal with some situations that’s were weighing me down for years, issues that I carried from when I was in the forces,

I can now travel alone around Europe and I feel safe knowing that I have a hidden secret.  My advice to you if you are thinking of doing this is don’t hold back, just do it you will become a fitter, stronger and become a more confident person and have an awareness of your surroundings, helping you asses situations before they may escalate…KIDA


People hear about Krav Maga, and what they say is “its vicious” ,“its brutal”, “its nasty” or  “it’s the stuff of the special forces”… it certainly isn’t the style for a 130kg middle aged man to learn as his first ever self defence system… is it?

This review starts with me and my experiences, and ends with a family and their growing development.

So I took the plunge, I had started my own business 5 years ago, and wanted to challenge myself.  If leaving a major healthcare company to set up my own company wasn’t scary, then why not try other things that I have wanted to experience for a long time, maybe even decades.

So I searched for Krav Maga training local to me, and found out that my daughters secondary school, ½ mile away had  a class 2 nights per week.  I made contact and was invited down for a look.

KRAV MAGA MIDLANDS, the class was well populated with maybe 20 guys and gals of all different sizes and builds, different cultures and varying levels of defence training. The first class that I sat and observed was going over defending against a baseball bat style attack… I was shocked at how simplistic this appeared, surely I could do this? Exciting.

I returned the following session and was greeted by very patient Australia women and a few locals.  There was personal trainers, mechanics, pest control operatives, fire fighters, police officers, veterinary nurse and even a preacher, people from England, Holland, Poland, Hungary and Australia I think amongst others.

Let’s be blunt here- I was shocking, the class were supportive and helpful, the teachers patient, informative and encouraging.  It took some time, but I’m not great at quitting and loved what I was learning immediately.

The lessons taught fitness and encouraged building strength, confidence and self-esteem developed naturally as the classes progressed.  The sessions often ended with a pressure drill to test the skills learnt under a bit of controlled duress.

I thought I would have a go at one of the many seminars that KMM offer- a night park scenario training evening in Stratford upon Avon, learning how to deal with common mugging and assault scenarios in the dusk of a local park.

I invited my partner, who is a nurse, same as me, who has been threatened and intimidated in her line of work same as me, to come with me… and I can safely say she loved it straight from the start.  The natural and ergonomic responses to threats were great fun to learn and practise in the group.  She was also hooked from this point onwards and was warmly welcomed in to the regular evening sessions.

It was around this point that KMMs sister company ‘Junior Safe Krav Maga’ set up their first children’s and teens based classes, building confidence and challenging bullying type situations…of course my daughters were introduced to this and found it fun and “awesome”.

A few years on, national grading events attended by the whole family, international krav maga seminars run by top instructors attended, national workshop run locally that attract people from all over the place on some seriously good topics- taught by a group of dedicated, passionate, skilled and inspirational instructors.

…if you do one thing, challenge your fears, overcome your anxiety…and go join in. you never know when you might need the skills.

We are all still attending, still training, still learning, still part of the Krav Maga Midlands family.


Hi I'm Gully

I first came across Krav almost 2 years ago. I'd been looking to get fit and into some sort of martial arts/ self defence classes for a while and saw an advert for Krav Maga. It wasn't something I had come across before, but it looked really interesting and different to the usual stuff like Karate and Kick Boxing, so I decided to sign up and give it a go.

I remember walking into my first lesson feeling nervous and very daunted, but everyone was really friendly and helpful. My instructor Al was brilliant. He made me feel part of the class straight away and was constantly on hand to give advice and pointers throughout the whole session.

After that first lesson I was hooked and have never looked back!

I love the reality of Krav. I love the fact that every lesson we learn something that can be related to real life situations. It isn't just a series of moves you learn for the sake of it but they are techniques which in the worst case scenarios can help save your life

If you are wondering whether Krav is for you, I recommend you come and try it first hand. There is no typical student in Krav. Everyone is different. I'm a 5' 0" petite female.

When I first started I thought I was going to be completely out of my depth. But my instructor Al was awesome! He has filled me with confidence in every single class and has continuously taught me how to use my size and gender totally to my advantage.

He has been instrumental in making me realise I am in no way any less capable than any of the big blokes in my class or on the street for that matter. That's one of the reasons I love coming to class every week. I get to fight and stand my ground with anyone and everyone. Both men and women. And it's awesome fun!

I would honestly recommend Krav to everyone. Apart from the fact you will get into great shape, relieve stress and become really fit, you will also make great friends with a fab bunch of like minded people. You will learn from great instructors who care passionately about what they teach. You will have tons of fun. But, ultimately you will learn real life techniques that could one day save your life!



Hi my name is Gary,
I was born in the late 60’s, basically I am 48 at present.
I am a Company Director of a building refurbishment company based in the Birmingham area.

After years of neglect, kebabs, every kind of takeaway food, alcohol, social smoking etc, i
noticed, well also others noticed my confidence, appearance general health etc was not what it
used to be. I thought getting older sucks!!

Back in June/July 2015 I thought enough was enough and time to do something about it. Not
being a lover of gyms, jogging, weight training etc I was curious of what other options I had. I
then thought of boxing but didn't want to get beaten to a pulp but the initial thought then
directed me to self defence or martial art of some description.I put “ The best form of self defence “ in the google Browser and up popped Krav Maga.. I must
admit I had never heard of this before in my life so curiosity got the better of me and I watched
several You tube clips etc and found it very appealing.

I then browsed for Krav Maga clubs or training etc within the South Birmingham or
Worcestershire area. Krav Maga Midlands was my first port of call.
I filled in the online questionnaire and then literally thought nothing of it…
I am not 100% sure, however a week later or possibly the same week I remember working
within an office block in Birmingham City Centre and I received a telephone call mid afternoon
with a guy the other end saying “ Hi, my name is Al, i believe you have expressed an interest in
Krav Maga”.

Initially i thought this was a wind up call as I had told some of my workmates that I filled an
induction form in.. However the conversation continued and I must say Al made it sound very
interesting, reassuring, exciting and pleasingly no pressure.
So with that I booked my first Krav Maga Midlands induction at Solihull.


Well here goes!! I am not the most confident of people to start with but built up the courage to
attend my very first Krav Maga induction..
Nervous is a definite under statement to how I felt driving to solihull that evening, but I was
determined to do it….

I precariously walked into the sports hall around 6.20pm as the training times were slightly
different back then and met Al for the first time.. Introduced myself and Al briefed me on what i
was to expect for the induction.
I must admit, I did think i was going to walk into a room full of big brawly guys, meat heads etc
swearing talking of football or lads nights out etc… To be honest not sure what to expect but !!
Wow, how wrong was I? i thought it would be just a quick general health questionnaire and
minor exercise etc but Al got me running around, press ups, squats, shadow fighting (which i
had never done in my life before) and basically put me through my paces straight away but at
all times telling me to work at my own pace and do not push too hard..
Of course, I pushed myself to the max…as I am sure most people do :-)
After feeling exhausted, sick, out of breath and generally cream crackered i also had that
amazing adrenalin feeling of excitement happiness etc thinking “This is it” this is what I want to

I was really impressed with the fact that Al said in the first lesson the best way to avoid any issue
is to run away if you can, to me that was the first thing that made me realise this is for me! Safety
first.. it may sound cliché but I really was impressed with that comment.
And to top it all the guys and girls in the class were totally not what my day dreaming head
thought they would be… Every single person was totally cool, accommodating, reassuring and
generally made me feel very welcome.
My first lesson is one I will not forget as it has set me on my path of Krav Maga.


Since that first day I have maintained where possible regular training and even put myself
through several grading platforms.
I believe through the expert trying given from Al and the superb way Krav Maga Midlands is
run via Bartosz and the other instructors it has become a pleasurable happy addictive place to

I have gained confidence within myself, focused my mind on my body, health food intake etc
and become happier within my self. I can honestly say I look forward to going to Krav Maga
every week and feel disappointed if I miss a lesson or week etc through other commitments.
Krav Maga Midlands is truly a friendly, rewarding, addictive and most of all knowledgeable
way of spending my Monday evenings.



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