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Advanced Combat Tactics

Advanced Combat Tactics Workshop is designed to give already training Krav Maga students a better understanding of fighting against one and multiple opponents. We will teach you different fighting methods with long, medium and close distance. Training includes advanced tricks and tactics for use in a fight. The workshop is contact based so protective gear like a head-guard, boxing and mma gloves, shin pads and a groin guard are a must have. 


Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Venue :
Meon Vale Leisure Center, Bailey Avenue, CV378QR, Stratford upon Avon

28th April 2018 Start 11.00am . Finish 2.00pm

 Please bring with you water and towel. Mandatory equipment : mma gloves, 16oz boxing gloves, groin guard, shin pads. 
Recommended, but not necessary : head-guards , IDF VEST ( we'll supply some on the day, but if you have your owwn please bring)

Car park is available in front of the venue

What we are going to cover 

  • 1. Fighting at different distances.
  • 2. Fakes and faints - how to confuse your opponent.
  • 3. How to use the same initial movement to develop a unexpected finishes
  • 4. Close distance clinch work - how to properly apply and how to get out.
  • 5. How to overcome attacker defences and WIN THE FIGHT
  • 6. Fighting in head-guards - light sparring with use of learned techniques and tactics.
  • 7. Use of FULL BODY Protection IDF VEST and safe full contact fights.





Price for this event is £34.99.
Krav Maga Midlands students with UNLIMITED PACKAGE have 50% Discount. 

Please book your place using PayPal button below.
THERE IS ONLY 30 PLACES due to Venue size. 

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