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Leamington Spa Kids and Teens Krav Maga Martial Arts Classes. Book 21 Days TRIAL today.

Kids and Teenagers Krav Maga Self Defence - Martial Arts Classes in Leamington Spa/Warwick are on every Thursday

Learn Self Defence Classes in Leamington/Warwick and get STRONG CONFIDENT FIT.
In Leamington, we offer Martial Arts/Self Defence Classes for Kids and Teens


18.00 - 19.00 Teens Self Defence Fundamentals - Krav Maga Self Defence Classes Suitable for TEENS aged from 10 to 14. 

VENUE: Trinity Catholic School

Guy's Cliffe's Avenue, Leamington Spa, CV326NB

All of our instructors have full qualifications to work with your kids:


  • Fully trained and certified Self Defence Instructors 
  • Fully Insured to teach your kids self-defence.
  • Full Criminal Record Check 
  • Completed Safe Guarding Courses
  • Fully Trained in First Aid
  • Licensed and Approved by BMABA - British Martial Arts and Boxing Association

What your kids will gain from  Kids and Teens Krav Maga Self Defence Fundamental class in Leamington Spa/Warwick

  • Develop confidence and determination to succeed

  • Develop and increase functional physical fitness and mental focus.

  • Raise personal awareness - detect the threat quickly.
  • Condition workouts for fat loss and stress reduction
  • How to prevent, avoid, escape and evade situations of conflict.
  • We teach combinations of attacks to surprise an attacker.
  • We teach how to use your environment as an advantage in a confrontation.
  • How to protect against more than one person
  • Defences against dangerous grabs.
  • How to counterattack efficiently and quickly.
  • Ground Defence.
  • Dealing with falls. break falls and rolls
  • Defences against punches and kicks.
  • Defences against most common street and school attacks.
  • and much more...on teens Leamington Soplf Defence Krav Maga Classes

Book 21 Days TRIAL for your kids and let them experience one of our martial arts/self defence classes in Leamington Spa designated specially for kids and teens aged 10 - 15. 

Defence classes for children in Leamington with us are fun, healthy activities that can reduce the risk of bullying, build self-confidence and teach discipline. We make sure that each session for your kids is carefully planned, that your child can benefit the most from variety of physical excercises, games, situational awareness and self defence techniques we teach on each Leamington Session for Kids and Teens.

While bullying still remains an issue for many young people, crime rates these days are high and safety on the streets is not what it used to be. Your kids are more exposed to being attacked or bullied than when we adults were at their age - times has changed and we need to face it and get prepared. With all the modern technology today's youngsters are less active than children a generation ago. Spend less time on physical activieties and playing outdoor. If you're looking for fun after school activities that get your child on their feet, martial art and self-defence classes are ideal for building self confidence and teach children important life skills such as respect, positive communication and correct decision making. 

Firstly, what are self-defence classes we run for kids in Leamington?

Self-defence and martial arts are often used interchangeably. All martial arts contain elements of self-defence; however, some styles, such as Brazilian ju-jitsu, Thai Boxing and boxing, are competitive sports as well. Krav Maga on the other hand, was designed only for self-defence. Created by the Israeli army in the late 60's and brought for civilian market in early 80's, Krav Maga takes the best defensive moves and techniques of mixed martial arts, boxing, Thai boxing, Wrestling and BJJ and combines them to make an unique style of self-defence that is based in natural human reactions.

Building confidence and discipline

Self-defence is important for children to learn because it is unique in the way it builds self-confidence in young people. Your child will learn how to avoid conflict, deescalate it and escape from dangerous situations. Classes like Krav Maga teach youngsters how to spot a situation before it escalates and avoid it, as well how to deal with a physical confrontation as the last resort. It gives them the confidence to worry less about what other people can do to them, while building up their physical strength, agility and fitness. Self-defence classes also teach youngsters discipline because it trains them to listen to adults and respect other fellow students. This includes parents and teachers, which has a positive effect on them going through school.


Afer our classes your child will carry himself in a way that won't be an easy target of bullying by developing self confidence and assertiveness.  

Children are also unlikely to become bullies themselves if they take up self-defence classes. At Krav Maga Midlands, all instructors are experienced and can recognise if a child has bullying tendencies and can train it out of them. 

Exercise for children

If you're concerned about the amount of physical activities your child is getting at school and socially, self-defence classes are a fun, physical activity that also gives your child a new set of friends outside school.

Is self defence dangerous?

Self-defence isn't assault or a crime because students are taught only to use their skills if necessary in self defence only. Our instructors make sure that classes are run in a safe and friendly environment. Safety of your kids is our priority and it always will be. 


See Krav Maga Midlands students in action in Leamington Spa/Warwick below or visit our GALLERY.

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