Bartosz Żukowski

krav maga midlands chief instructor
bartosz- expert level 2

  • The Highest Grade and Skills in the Midlands.
  • EXPERT LEVEL 2 Passed in Israel in 2015.
  • BTEC LEVEL 3 Advance Self Defence.
  • First Aider and Fully Insured.
  • First Person on Scene Intermediate.
  • Level 3 Close Protection Officer and Close Protection Instructor.
  • Level 4 Hostile Environment Firearms and Tactics.
  • ASP - Tactical Weapon Instructor (Law Enforcement)
  • Tactical Firearms and FX Simunition Instructor.
  • Ex European Security Academy Instructor.
  • He's Trained in Israel on many occasions (Wingate - Netanya, and Haifa).
  • He's Experienced in other Combat Systems.
  • He's Experienced in Muay Thai/Boxing/BJJ.
  • Responsible for grading Krav Maga Students.
  • Up-to-date with Israeli Experts and trains KMM instructors twice a week to keep the highest technical standard.

Other Instructors

Chris Busby

Chris has a focused approach to training, and has developed a technical understanding for Krav Maga which he is passionate to share with others and help develop students in their own self-defence journey.  

Ryan Rees

Ryan has had a life-long interest in martial arts and fighting systems, and has experience in Judo, Karate, Boxing and Kickboxing.  He began his Krav Maga journey in early 2015 and was instantly drawn in by the simple yet incredibly effective methods, and the way Krav Maga techniques can be applied in real-life situations.
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