JJ McLaren

Practitioner Level 5 Krav Maga Instructor Assistant.

 From my first lesson I was impressed with how simple, effective and easy to learn the Krav Maga system is and I found myself improving week by week.

Krav Maga is a system that uses effective techniques from various martial arts, so with this in mind I started training Mixed Martial Arts, predominantly Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jui Jitsu and before long I found myself fighting in MMA competitions.
Although competitive martial arts and self defence are two different things, I have found that the cross over of skills has rapidly improved my Krav Maga abilities and my plan now is to keep training, keep competing and keep working my way up the KMM grading system to ensure continued self development that I can pass on to the students of KMM

  • Practitioner Level 5 Krav Maga Instructor Assistant
  • Trains on a weekly basis to maintain the highest teaching and technical standards.
  • First Aider and Fully Insured
  • Experienced in Other Combat Systems

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