Claudio Rossi

Practitioner Level 4 Krav Maga Instructor Assistant.

 His first contact with Krav Maga, despite the knowledge of its existence, was in 2014, when joined KMM. Former semi-pro basketball player, he found in Krav Maga a great way to keep his high athleticism fed with the dynamic and demanding drills and scenarios trained in regular basis. Combining this with the effectiveness of the method and the deep knowledge on how dangerous a place or situation can be, he has become one of the biggest Krav Maga fans, student and instructor..

  • Practitioner Level 4 Krav Maga Instructor Assistant
  • Trains on a weekly basis to maintain the highest teaching and technical standards.
  • First Aider and Fully Insured
  • Father of two and automotive design engineer, Claudio uses every minute of his free time practicing and improving his techniques.


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