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Krav Maga Midlands Terms and Conditions.

When you book your 'trial class/induction ' online, you will be contacted by email within 48 hrs with a booking confirmation and details of your location, timings and what to bring with you. There will be a health questionnaire attached to your email. Please ensure you print this, complete the information in full and bring it along with you on the night. Hand it to the instructor when you register. When you book 21 Days Trial  you need to complete them in 3 week time. 
After you complete your trial sessions and you are happy with everything you can join the club and become Krav Maga Midlands Member. Joining FEE of £30 apply to cover your registration, setting up Direct Debit Payment, your club T-Shirt and Groin Protection. Joining fee will be added to your first-month payment. 
Once you complete DD form within 48hrs you will receive an email with Voucher CODE and a link to obtain your club t-shirt and groin protection.
Krav Maga Midlands offers two training packages:
ONE SESSION PER WEEK- £45 incVAT/month paid by Direct Debit
What’s included:
One Class per week in fixed location and time. 90min fundamental session ONLY
FREE pre-grading workshops
10% Discount on krav maga equipment with www.krav-fighter.com
Access to KMM Students Closed Group on Facebook
The Minimum agreement term 3 months
UNLIMITED TRAINING- £65 inc VAT/month paid by Direct Debit
What’s included:
Any classes at any location (Advanced Fighting Tactics are available after completed 12 beginners classes)
FREE pre grading workshops
10% Discount on krav maga equipment with www.krav-fighter.com
FREE online training videos
Access to KMM Students Closed Group on Facebook
The minimum agreement term is 3 months
We also offer SPECIAL DISCOUNTS and OFFERS for upfront cash payments on your UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP. Please visit https://www.kravmaga-midlands.com/join-us for more details.

Cash payment has to be month to month and up to date. If a student won't pay his next 6 or 12 months of cash payment before his payment expired we'll remove the student from KMM student list. One student is removed and would like to re-join the Joining FEE of £30 has to be charged. 

Membership cancellation/ suspension

Minimum Contract Term is 3 Months.
If you need to cancel your subscription for any reason contact NEST MANAGEMENT on 0115 945 5930. with minimum one full calendar month of notice and we’ll cancel your membership. No cancellation within the first 3 months. WE TRULY BELIEVE to learn self-defence and improve your fitness and confidence you need a minimum of 3 months of regular training. There are no changes to the membership package during your first 3 months period. 

Should you decide that you need to take a break from your classes for any reason. KMM operates a non-active membership rate for our members. This ensures that you can remain a member of KMM 
with all the benefits but your regular class membership is placed on hold during this period until you contact us to re-activate your full membership. Your monthly payments are reduced to £12. You will still receive all newsletters and can attend additional workshops. It is only your regular monthly class membership which is placed onto the non-active status.

Non Active membership can last for a maximum of 3 months in every calendar year. After 3 months of being on non-active membership, your membership will be back to your primal package on month 4. If you decide to give one month notice during your non-active membership period then last payment will be taken on the amount of your regular package which is either £45 or £65. 

Should you wish to cancel your membership and cease training with KMM, you are required to give full calendar month of notice in written prior to the cancellation of your direct debit, in writing. Email is acceptable. Cancelling directly with your bank without giving us written notice will attract a cancellation fee of £50 plus an additional months’ membership payment, enforced by our monthly fee collections service provider NEST MANAGEMENT and other external DEBT COLLECTION AGENCIES. There is no cancellation possible within first 3 months of agreement - if you cancel before 3 months period is finished, NEST MANAGEMENT and other external DEBT COLLECTION AGENCIES will recover the outstanding debt plus £50 CANCELATION FEE if you won't pay any outstanding balance within 7 days from your bank cancellation date. To avoid all of those actions please always give full calendar month of notice to cancel your membership by contacting NEST MANAGEMENT on +44 (0)115 945 5930.

There is no suspension or cancellation or refunds of discounted block cash payments.


Every student of Krav Maga Midlands is obligated to be licensed and insured. We will check the Student License on the classes and refuse participation in the classes if a student is not licensed and insured. 

If you JOIN the school within your 21 Days Trial Period you'll get FREE 12 months Strudent License and Insurance. Otherwise you have to buy is and pay £29 - Student License and Insurance is Mandatory. 

Please check information about the license under the link below:

We do not run classes on Public/Bank Holidays. In case if you miss the class on Bank Holiday due to venue closure you have two weeks to catch up with your missed class and do it elsewhere. Please inform us which class you’ll be attending, so our instructors will expect you. 
We take our annual leave for 2 weeks over the Christmas/ New Year period and 2 weeks during the summer holiday period. Exact dates may vary each year and will be posted on our Facebook group and via email. Our Direct Debit works on 48 months system and your payment for the monthly membership is based on 4 week month. We use those spare 4 weeks for our annual leave and the school is closed with no classes.
Krav Maga Midlands will NOT refund part membership payments for classes not attended, occasional class cancellations due to bad weather, instructor illness or when the locations we hire, have to temporarily close for maintenance/events or similar activities, nor when we have informed members of a cancellation in advance, or for classes which are suspended during the holiday periods. For any occasional classes, cancellation students have 2 weeks to cover their class elsewhere regardless of the training package. We do our best to run classes on a regular basis and on 99% of the time we succeed, but sometimes cancellation is not up to us. You have always different location or day to cover your missed class.

Beginners classes are open for everybody with or without any previous experience in Krav Maga or any other martial arts.
Safety Equipment required for Beginners Classes
  • Groin guard – which we supply as a part of your Welcome PACK
  • Shin Guards – to protect your shins when practising kicking and blocking. Needs to be obtained within 3 months from starting the training. 
  • Forearm Protectors – to prevent forearm injuries during blocking punches and knife attacks.
  • Mouth Guards – to protect your teeth just in case.
  • MMA 4oz Gloves – to protect your knuckles and wrist while punching. The additional benefit from having them is that you can go with light contact while practising your self-defence techniques
Entry Level – you need to attend at least 12 BEGINNERS CLASSES within 14 weeks to be eligible to attend SELF DEFENCE TACTICS. Please check with your instructor. Exceptions can be made, but it needs to be accepted only by CHIEF INSTRUCTOR Bartosz Zukowski.
Safety Equipment required for Advanced Classes
  • Groin guard – which we supply as a part of your Welcome PACK
  • Shin Guards – to protect your shins when practising kicking and blocking
  • Mouth Guards – to protect your teeth just in case.
  • MMA 4oz Gloves – to protect your knuckles and wrist while punching. An additional benefit from having them is that you can go with light contact while practising your self-defence techniques
  • 16oz Boxing Gloves – for safe sparring and other
  • Forearm Protectors – to prevent forearm injuries during blocking punches and knife attacks.
  • Headguard – for extended protection of your nose and teeth. Also used for advanced krav maga drills.
  • IDF VEST – full body protection for drills with full use of power
Students CODE OF CONDUCT and general safety on the classes.
  • All metal objects, jewellery, piercing, necklaces and other items must be removed before class.
  • Mobile phones must be switched off or muted before class.
  • If you are late for class, please sit by the side of the training area and wait for permission from the Instructor to join in the class.
  • If you need to leave the class for the toilet or permanently you must ask permission from the Instructor.
  • Talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the class subject ONLY.
  • Absolutely no foul language on Krav Maga Midlands Classes. We will not tolerate rude or abusive language or the threat or use of violence.
  • Any accident, injury or incident should be reported to Instructor immediately.
  • Be respectful of your surroundings, staff, instructors and all members.
  • Do not use excessive force in class, even when sparring. We are a team, injuries only mean one less training partner.
  • Keep fingernails short for everyone’s safety, personal hygiene should be kept to a very high standard.
  • The uniform must be clean at all times. A dirty uniform is a sign of disrespect. If you partake in more than one class per day, you must have a fresh uniform for the following class. By uniform, we mean Krav Maga Midlands Club Tshirt and black trousers or shorts.
  • We request students to wear official Krav Maga Midlands Tshirts for all classes.
  • Approved protective equipment/clothing must be used in class. We do not allow the use of non-approved sparring equipment. Krav Maga Midlands recommend equipment from KraV Fighter Shop as we use it for years and it’s tested. If you choose to buy alternatives, please ensure these items are suitable for use prior to purchase by speaking to an Instructor.
  • Members are responsible for their own training equipment and to ensure equipment is fit for purpose.
  • Members are solely responsible for their own personal property. Do not leave your training equipment at the classes as they may be lost.
  • Instructors have the right to refuse admission to any person deemed unfit to train, or behaving in a dangerous, unsuitable manner.
  • Krav Maga Midlands reserves the right to amend the rules at any time, including the membership fee payable, change to classes timetable.
All Krav Maga Midlands students are eligible to participate in FREE Pre Grading Workshops.
Booking for a pre-grading workshop should be done via Krav Maga Midlands website up to two weeks before the event starts. We may refuse entry to the workshop without previous booking. Dates of the events can be found on the KMM website.
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