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Rugby Krav Maga Classes


Learn Self Defence Classes at the Rugby Warwickshire College and get STRONG CONFIDENT and FIT


19.00 - 20.30 Self Protection Fundamentals - Learn the basics and intermediate self defence techniqques and tactics. (14 years +)

VENUE: Rugby Warwickshire College. Sports Hall.

Technology Drive, CV211AR, Rubgy


What you gain from a Krav Maga Self Defence Fundamental class in Rugby :

  • Knowledge of Self defence and UK law.
  • Effective punches and various strikes.
  • Footwork and balance. 
  • Drastic improvement in your fitness level 
  • Fast weight lose
  • Poper kicks and knee strikes.
  • Combinations of attacks to surprise an attacker.
  • How to use your environment as an advantage.
  • Defences against headlocks.
  • Defences against dangerous grabs.
  • How to counterattack efficiently and quickly.
  • Ground Defence.
  • Dealing with falls. breakfals and rolls
  • Defences against punches and kicks.
  • Defences against common street attacks.
  • and much more...

In addition to that if you join our Advanced Fighting Tactics classes we'll teach you how to:

  • Control your distance in a confrontation and fight.
  • Use timing for your adventage and overcome an attacker.
  • Read an opponent's moves and predict them.
  • Develop an instinctive responce to unknown attacks
  • How to efficiently cover and counter if surprised.
  • Improve your confidence in a confrontation.
  • Working at all distances: long/medium/close/ground.
  • Effective methods of finishing conflict quickly.
  • Defences against knives, sticks and other weapons.
  • Test what works for you - and not what doesn't.


Is KRAV MAGA for me?

Only you know the answer. That's why we give you a chance to try it on our 21 Days Trial. However, if you are looking for the most realistic self defence system Krav Maga is the only way to go - we think.


Not a problem. We have students aged 67 attending our regular Self Protection Fundamentals and Self Defence Tactics and they, like you, started training with us with no previous Martial Arts experience!


We promise to make you FIT and put you in the best shape of your live.  With our classes you'll lose weight and build your strength! While learning to strike and kick properly, improve your footwork and general co-ordination.

I'm NOT a fighter!

It's OK! You don't have to be and most of our students were'nt when they started. If you want to learn how to defend yourself, we'll teach you how. Most started with little or no previous experience. So it's no problem!

I have NO previous Martial Arts experience!

GOOD! That will save time fixing movements that students learned in traditional Martial Arts - and you'll progress quicker.

Bad things will NEVER happen to me!

How can you be so sure? Would you be able to react to physical danger properly if attacked? Can you defend your family in a critical situation? Why not join today and make sure you're prepared.

If you are ready for your new adventure and want to become a member of a supportive team, give Krav Maga Midlands a try and book your induction today and we'll take care of the rest. 

Expectations VS Reality

Few points worth reading before you join our trial classes:

1. First priority in our classes is your safety. We do our best to make sure everyone train safe and get back home without any injuries. You may feel stiff the next day ,and your muscles probably will be aching, but this is just an indicator that you had good training. 

2. We train as close to the reality as possible, and this mean that you'll be put in direct physical contact with other students - this may be uncomfortable at the beginning, but you'll get used to after a few weeks. You can't learn self defence just by dry training. 

3. We'll teach you new things - this means that your body and brain needs time to adapt to the new movements and circumstances. You may feel uncomfortable if you have never done it before. Learning new things, it's usually an uncomfortable process as you'll have to step out of your comfort zone. 

4. Classes are fast phased ,and if your fitness level is not great at the moment - do not give up! You have to force yourself through it and improve your stamina and general fitness level. This is the only way. After a few weeks of regular training, you'll feel the difference. Overall wellbeing and general fitness it's very important for self defence - you want to be able to deal with physical confrontation without losing your breath. It helps also if you need to fast run away from the threat. 

5. Don't expect yourself to become an expert after a few session.  Krav Maga is easy to learn as it based on natural reaction, but you still need to practice it over the time to become proficient. Usually, students who train on a regular basis for three months see the progress and start understanding the system better. 

See Krav Maga Midlands students in action in Rugby below or visit our GALLERY.

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