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Welcome to Krav Maga Midlands

If you have completed your induction and would like to become a full member of KMM just follow simple steps below:

Choose your monthly training package and set up your electronic Direct Debit. Your DD will be set up with NEST MANAGMENT - company which provides us with payment facilities. NEST will also appear on your bank account. 

You can always change packages after 3 months by contacting directly NEST MANAGEMENT on 0115 945 5030 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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UNLIMITED TRAINING - Any Class and location £65/month inc VAT
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Please notice that the first payment include £30 of joining fee. Once your eDD is set up you'll receive an email within 24h with code to get your FREE Club Tshirt and Groin Protection.

Once you set your eDD please make sure you obtain your training license and insurance within 4 weeks since your first induction session. We provide FREE insurance for your trial classes, but after you need to get licensed and insured with British Martial Arts and Boxing Association. 

Please click the link below for information about benefits of Training License. 

Training License is MANDATORY for every KMM Student. 


Monthly Training Packages description

ONCE PER WEEK - this will allow you to attend one specific session per week. 
What's included? 
- Fixed Class and Location
- FREE Pre Grading Workshops
- 10% Discount on Krav Maga Equipment and Clothing
- Minimum Training 3 Months
- Cancellation with 30 days notice

UNLIMITED - This package will allow you to train as much as you want in any classes and locations. 
What's included?
- Any Class and Location
- FREE Pre Grading Workshops
- FREE Online Training videos
- 10 Discount on Krav Maga Equipment and Clothing
- Minimum Training 3 Months
- Cancellation with 30 days notice

You don't have to complete all 3 trials to sign up for eDD. You can sign up straight away or after your 1st session.
You can upgrade or downgrade your training package after 3 months y contacting NEST MANAGEMENT.
You can cancel your contract after 3 months with 30 days notice by contacting NEST MANAGEMENT.

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