Student's license

Student's license


Krav Maga Midlands License is valid for 12 months. It includes mambership to Krav Maga Midlands and BMABA - British Martial Arts and Boxing Association. Your license includes:

  1. £2.000.000 member to member public liability insurance
  2. 12 Months membership to Krav Maga Midlands and BMABA
  3. Personal membership number and membership card
  4. Insurance with Membership Certificate.
  5. Authorisation to participate in KMM Grading

Key features of your Student License:

  1. 2M Public Liability Insurance
  2. Full Student Membership
  3. Full Student Licensing
  4. Personal Accident Cover
  5. Grades and Awards fullly ratified.
  6. Instant Online Registration and Activation

Details of your Personal Accident Policy:

  1. Death £15.000
  2. Loss of limbs/sight/speech/hearing £15.000
  3. Loss of hearing in one ear £3750
  4. Quadriplegia £15.000
  5. Paraplegia £15.000
  6. Hemiplegia £15.000
  7. Pernament total disablement £15.000
  8. Emergency Accident Medical Expences £5.000
  9. Emergency Accident Dental Treatment £1.000

To obtain and activate your Student License please use the form below:

Cost of KMM License for 12 months is £29.99. We'll check your license on the classes and we may exclude you from the training if you are not licensed. 


Student's license form

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