Training for professional

Krav Maga Midlands provides Krav Maga Military Training designed for military personel.
We are proud to say that we teach on a regular basis 1st Mercian Regiment.

Krav Maga for military differs from our civilian
version which we teach in our regular classes.
Krav Maga Military curriculum covers


  • unarmed hand to hand combat
  • armed Krav Maga combat (knife/pistol/rifle)
  • working under stressful conditions
  • restaining of the opponent if not possible to shot
  • takedowns and eliminating the opponent quietly
  • pistol disarms
  • long rifle firearms
  • quick reactions when your firearm
  • is not working and the attacker is approaching fast
  • working in teams

Due to the fact that we also have firearms instructors in our team, we can provide comprehensive firearms training (pistol and rifle).
We also offer tactical training in our training facility in Poland for small units including FX Simunition Training in our CQB Village "Mogadishu"


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Why You should try?

Here are 6 great reasons to include personal protection (self defence) training in your Corporate Wellness Program:
  • Employees who feel safer experience less stress. This may translate into less stress related illnesses, less lost time due to being sick, and higher productivity.  This can mean long-term realized cost savings to any employer.
  • The Self Defence training we provide can prevent workplace violence. The phenomenon of workplace violence is growing at an alarming rate around the world.  The costs associated with dealing with workplace violence after the fact is astronomical.   A small investment in quality training today can prevent catastrophic losses in the future. One million UK workers have experienced violence in the workplaceaccording to a recent study
  • Self Defence training helps with Teamwork/Teambuilding. Properly structured training brings co-workers together in problem solving exercises. Emotional and psychological barriers to personal achievement can be explored in a supportive environment, with the help of co-workers.
  • Self Defence based training improves employee morale and discipline. Studies by the U.S. Marine Corps have shown that their regular self defence programs created greater self-discipline, stronger work ethics, and more psychologically well adjusted Marines.
  • Our Professional Self Defence training increases creative problem solving. Self Defence training helps employees learn to overcome obstacles creatively.  This may translate into greater on the job creativity, problem solving ability, and thinking “outside the box”.
  • We teach Self Defence training which instills confidence. Self Defence based training helps people build confidence and become great leaders.  Public speaking may also be enhanced, as well as a greater leadership presence
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