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Krav Maga Midlands P1 and P2 Grading


PLEASE BOOK ONLY P1 and P2 Grading here. For P3-P5 you need to go to KMG UK Website

The grading is open to all KMG Students who are going for their first and second grade : P1 and P2

To be tested you need to :

  • Train on a regular basis in Krav Maga for at least 4 months

  • Know your curriculum and be able to perform it on the day

  • Have a KMG License

  • Have a KMG Passport (included in your P1 Grading Price and you will receive it on the day)

The Krav Maga P1/P2 Grading will take place in Stratford upon Avon on 24th March 2018 and 6th October 2018

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Venue :
AT7 Center Bell Green Road, Coventry CV67GP

20th October 2018 Start 10.00am . Finish 4.00pm

 Please bring with you water and towel. Mandatory equipment : mma gloves, 16oz boxing gloves, groin guard, shin pads and mouth guard.

Car parking is available in front of the venue


Please aim to be arrive at least 30 minutes before the grading starts. Give yourself enough time to get changed, find the training hall and register as we start promptly. Remember to check traffic reports or train timetables beforehand and avoid any delays.


Firstly, please ensure you bring your club training T-shirt and either Krav Maga branded training trousers or plain black training trousers. Please avoid wearing shorts or clothing affiliated to other organisations. We will be training in a public space, and we would like to ensure Krav Maga Midlands continues to maintain its high standards and professionalism. This uniform is mandatory for all national/club gradings.

You should also consider the following:

• Towel – for training. Also, the venue have good shower facilities.
• Spare training t-shirt ( if you have one – be prepared to sweat! )
• Plenty of water. It's very important to stay properly hydrated.
• Light snacks. Fruit and light bites are important to keep your energy levels up.
• All protective equipment. Groin guards, shin guard and mouthguard are essential. We recommend also MMA and 16oz Boxing Gloves. 
Please also bring your KMG Licence. You'll get your KMG Passport on the day.


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